The biggest WISH the HIPS organisation has is to find sponsors that are willing to donate finacially to our school in order for us to continue to provide quality education. We are looking for sponsors that are willing to support us with regular funding in order for us to take care of the salaries of the teachers and the staff on monthly or quarterly basis.

Even though we are able to provide the basic necessities for our school, we like to do more. We have created this wish list to show what we would like to do more for our children. The basis for this wish list is simple: The wish needs to be achievable, attainable and for the benefit of the kids. It also needs to stimulate educational development and self esteem. This wish list is in random order:

-New reading books for our library

-School year starting kit (backpacks, pens, etc)

-Outdoor sport equipment

-Stereo with microphone for assembly hall

-Blackboards for our class rooms

-A Home Economics room for sewing, knitting and cooking

-Best Student Awards End of Year Party (free/sponsored tuition for the following year, one per class)

-Christmas party

-Annual excursion for all classes

-Vegetable garden on school property

-Upgrading our common playground

-Geography room “It’s a small world”

-School supplies like Lego, finger paint, paper, playdo, etc

-Musical instruments

-Work experience projects, guest speakers who inform JHS on their jobs, the window to the world

-First aid training and materials for HIPS Staff

NEW: Sponsor a teachers Salary for one year

You can donate a small amount each month equal to the salary of one teacher

We hope to find enough sponsors to help us with the above sponsor program (24 teachers total)


Besides the above that can be sponsored by individuals we dare to dream bigger.

HIPS is preparing to develop further. We have identified a number of projects that are on the design table. We like to do all, but realize that we have to make a choice.

We are aware that these are big dreams, but we hope to find that individual or that company that will help to make our wish come thrue.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to support us in one of the above mentioned wishes!