Head Mistress:                        Mrs. Cynthia Banafoe Annoh 01-09-2008
Assistant Head Mistress:          Mrs. Margaret Kyei 01-09-2012

We are very glad that we have the support of our teaching staff. Their dedication and motivation helps school our children in the best way possible. They have made it possible that HIPS has a 100% succes rate in gratuating students.

From Kindergarten till Junior Highschool class 3, they all have the same goal: Give the best education possible while respecting the schools code of conduct.

Support Staff:  

HIPS School is suported by 8 supporting staff memebers who take very good care of our security staff, Kitchen and gardens.

HIPS also asks the parents of our students to help us with small maintenance and various tasks in and around our school

The HIPS Board is supported by volunteers who are weekly at our school to help and support, organise and be the direct link between the school staff, the children and the Charity Board.

HIPS is proud to have dedicated and motivated staff at its school.
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