Schiller Elementary School

Rathausstr. 1
73035 Göppingen-Faurndau Germany
Phone: +49 (0)7161 / 650 - 9 47 70
Fax: +49 (0)7161 / 650 - 9 47 79

Headteacher: Mathilde Schaile
classes: 8

Profile: - Reading and language development, including the integrated preparatory class

- Certification: "GS with Sport and bewegungserzieherischem focus"
- Participating in "Youth training for the Olympics" - football, swimming, athletics
- Mediation of cultural values, e.g. annual trip to the theater, youth concerts, children and village festival, and more...
- Work to support school community’s festivals and celebrations (choral, instrumental and theater-AG)

Special features:
- Homework on Monday and Wednesday afternoon
- Class and vintage cross workshop instruction in grades 1 / 2 and 3 / 4 with emphasis on "experimentation"
- Monthly song
- Denominational religious education co-
- Native additional lessons: Italian - Turkish
- Syrian Orthodox religious education
- Cooperative School - Association

Schiller Elementary School Göppingen Faurndau - Our school is established in 1916.

At the anniversary 75 year celebration in 1991 Lord Mayor Hans Haller said these words, which are still relevant even after 5 years:
A school hall and church building belongs to the basic equipment of a municipality. And today it is noted with pleasure that this old Faurndauer school house still stands at its original place in the center of town, renovated and adapted to modern requirements.

A school is always an expression of civic will to provide adequate facilities for the children's learning and education. The community Faurndau and since 1975 the city of Göppingen have always taken their duties as school seriously.


Gem. Grundschule Dorlar

Hauptstr. 3
57392 Schmallenberg Germany
tel.: +49 (0)2971 86488
fax.: +49 (0)2971 86467
E-mail: gs-Dorlar (at)

Headmistress: Mrs Andrea Brickwede

The Community Primary School "St. Hubertus" in Dorlar educated in the school year 2010/2011 79 students. There are four classes (class size 18-22 students) taught by four teachers. The first two cohorts are taught across year of birth (Grade EPA and EPB), the grades 3 and 4 year of birth weight (Class 3 and 4).

The major challenge for individual development is the Community Elementary School Dorlar with vintage cross-phase input. It also pursued consistently in all years a funding approach that includes both children with learning residues as well as those with advanced learning needs.

Firmly anchored in the school program of the Community Elementary School Dorlar the care services from 8 - 13 clock (reliable half-day care).


Both these schools have various activities troughout the year where they donate part of the receipts to HIPS Charity Organisation. The fact that these children are willing to support our children here in Weija is something fantastic.

From the HIPS Charity Organisation we like to thank both the teachers and the children of the Schiller Grundschule and the Grundschule in Dorlar for their support. It is truly appreciated.

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