Again, at then end of thisschool year, we have to say good bye to our JHS 3 class. They have finised their exams and we are awaiting the results. All students hope to join the other HIPS students who gratuated and went on to Senior High School.

As reward for their hard work this last year at HIPS, some JHS 3 students have beengiven a special party to celebrate their succes.

In JHS class 1 and 2, two students were rewarded for their outstanding performance this last academic year. They are rewarded with their first term of the next school year sponsored by the Board Chairman.

As a memorable note, for the seventh time since HIPS has had her JHS 3 do the Ghanaian BECE exams,


HIPS has a 100% exam succes rate for her JHS 3 classes. We trust to receive the same result for the new JHS 3 class next year.

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