1998 :    The NGO HIPS was established. The basic idea of this foundation was to
                build and operate a Kindergarten in Ghana – may be later also a Primary School – to offer
                qualified and free education for children of underprivileged families. Any religious background
                would be welcome. All the children should get 2 warm meals a day, a health insurance and all
                the necessary materials for their Kindergarten and school education.

1998 :    The Chief of Weija donated a sufficient area for the project

1999 September : The Inauguration of the Kindergarten building took place in the
                                  presence of a representative of the Ministry of Education, the Chief of Weija, the German
                                  Ambassador and a representative of the Swiss Embassy. The first 35 children entered the

2002 July: Completion of the first school house, sponsored by Ballast Nedam/Ghana

2002 September : 32 new children were elected to join the Kindergarten

2003 August : Inauguration of the first school building in the presence of the
                           Ghanaian Ambassador to the Netherlands Mrs. Dr. Grace Amposah-Ababao

2005 Summer : A second School house was build by Ballast Nedam

2007 September : Again 30 new children could come into the Kindergarten. The total
                                  amount of children taken care by HIPS reached 100

2007 November : Start of the erection of School building Nr. 3. financed a sponsor from
                                 Switzerland, 3 classrooms and a room for the headmaster and teachers.

2007 December : Start of the construction of a sanitary building , financed by The German
                                  Embassy/ Accra

2008 September : Another 25 children entered the Kindergarten. 128 children now are
                                  educated at HIPS.

2008 November : By a certificate of the Ministry of Education HIPS was awarded to teach
                                 children up to class 9 ( Junior High Level )

2009 April : The School building Nr. 4 , with a laboratory for physics and chemistry,
                       was finished, again graciously sponsored by Ballast Nedam/ Ghana.

2009 September : The total amount of HIPS children increased to 162

2009 September : HIPS celebrated its 10th anniversary at Weija.

2010 May : A new building could be opened. An Assembly Hall which can be used for
                      any kind of get together and daily dining hall, and a new room for Kindergarten class 2, expands
                      our usable roofed space. Again a very helpful donation by our undisclosed Swiss Sponsor

2010 August : A separate building at the Weija premises, to be used for lodging for as
                          much as 3 volunteers, has again been build by Ballast Nedam. Young people who want to teach
                          and learn in foreign countries can now be send to HIPS by international organisations

2010 September : All the HIPS children of class 9 passed successfully the nationwide test
                                  for the entrance into a Senior High Schools. All over Ghana only 48% were successful.

2010 September : Our gracious Swiss sponsor promised to donate up to 25.000 $ to allow
                                  these children to continue their education on a Senior High School for the next 3 years,
                                  including the necessary Boarding House lodgings.

2010 September : 32 new children were elected to come to HIPS Kindergarten. About 200
                                  children are now educated at HIPS in Weija.

2011 May : Rotary Club Meschede/Warstein again sponsored our engagement in
                      Weija with € 1000.-

2011 May : Tables and chairs for the new Mensa/ Assembly Hall were sponsored by
                      the German Embassy.

2011 August : All the children, who graduated from Junior High classes passed also this
                           year successfully the nationwide Senior High qualification tests.

2011 August : The publishing house “ Untitled “ from Hamburg / Germany announced to
                           bear the cost for these children to continue the education on Senior High Schools including the
                           boarding house fees for the coming year.

2011 December : For Christmas Interplast and Compu Ghana donated 5 fully
                                 equipped computers with mouse and flat screens to us.

2012 January : Mr. Arthur Huberts, CEO of INTERPLAST Ghana was elected to be the new
                            chairman of HIPS. The Board was restructured and new active members joined us.

2012 April : Atlantic International Holding Accra donated to HIPS 1000 GHc

2012 July : 15 new computer for the IT education of our children were donated to
                    HIPS by Mr. Hartung and Mr. Gringhuis .

2012 summer : The industry from Kumasi sponsored tables and chairs for the
                             classrooms of our school in Weija.

2012 August : Again this year all our children, who finished the Junior High Classes
                          succeeded in the nationwide tests for the entry of a Senior High School somewhere in Ghana.

2012 September : 20 new children were accepted for our kindergarten

2012 December : A group of employees, by its social program “ Commitment “ , of the
                                 well - known and noted publishing house Gruner und Jahr from Hamburg / Germany collected
                                 and donated 8.887.- € to HIPS.

2013 January : The publishing house „ Untitled “ continued to pay for the cost of the
                            second year of the SHS Students who started in 2011.

2013 February : A new volunteer from Germany started its term at Weija.

2013 July : A school yearend party was celebrated with all the children, parents and teachers.

2013 September : Again this year all children of the last JHS school class succeeded in
                                  finishing their tests for the acceptance to a Senior High School. Our Kindergarten put up 25 new
                                  children. 201 children are now taken care for by HIPS.

2013 October : Two new volunteers are starting their term in Weija. Through the help of
                             a Swiss Gentleman, whom I could present our HIPS project, two new generous sponsors were found.

2013 December : A donation of about 15.000 € for 2 infrastructure projects in Weija was given to us.

2014 January : Installation of our own well. Building start of a second sanitary building,
                            with toilet and showers, Renovation of the second toilet building. Extension of the kitchen house

2014 December : Erection of a new computer building with 20 places.

2015 February : A new volunteer from Germany started their term in Weija.

2015 July : Various renovation works have been done including 2 roofs of the schoolhouses

2015 September: 35 new children have been enrolled into our Kindergarten.
                                 Including those HIPS now takes care for children 237.

2016 January : Two new volunteers start their work for 4 month at Weija

2016 March : Another volunteer from Germany joined us for 2 month.

2016 April : A generous donation from Ashroam, Nesstra and Coral – all of them
                       companies from Ghana – made it possible that we could paint all the classrooms and the
                       volunteer house from the insides.

2016 May : Another new volunteer came to Weija to join us for 3 month.

2016 September : Again two new volunteers from Germany started their work for 6 month at Weija

2016 September : 20 new children entered our Kindergarten

2016 November : Total renovation of the old toilet building including new roof. New toilets
                                  and washbasins at the Kindergarten toilet building as well as several maintenance action on
                                 most of the buildings.

2017 January : Purchase of a new deep freezer. Donation by Melcom

2017 September: Start of the new school year with 255 students

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