KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, our slogan, our motivation and our goal to achieve.

From Kindergarten till Junior High School: we pay attention.

Small classes so the teachers can give enough personal attention to all our kids, helping those that need additional help or assistance and seeing to it that all our kids retain the knowledge we provide them with. Tests and exams are given every term.

We do not only educate our children with the knowledge that is required according to the Ministry of Education but we like to give them more; knowledge of Information technology, knowledge of our histroy, geographical knowledge and general knowledge that will help prepare our kids for the big outside world.

Playing and learning go together. We try to make learning fun and make fun a learning experience.

Our goal is for our kids have a solid foundation for their further educational path.

But what is more important: what do they think?

Speach delivered by Master Joshua Lartey, School Prefect on HIPS Acquitance day

Good morning Mr. Chairman, Board of Directors, Headmaster and Staff, Parents and fellow Students, It is an honour to be called upon to deliver a speech at this special gathering.

Mr. Chairman, on behalf of my colleagues and on my own behalf, may i express our profound gratitude to you and our honoured guests at the high table for your enormous support over the years. Your interest in our education alone is enough to spur us on to go the whole hog of the academic ladder.

Mr. Chairman, our indefatigable headmaster and her team of selfless teachers are not exempted from this praise and gratitude. They are our parents here in HIPS Charity School. Their pieces of advice, rebuke and corrections have indeed licked us into shape, and today we have gained our feet in the academic circles. Therefor, it will not be out of place to show our reverence to them.

Our dear parents, it is no deniable fact that you have our interest at heart, and therefor have taken steps to give us the best education no matter your financial standing. We are going to work hard to make life better for us and you.

All we ask is that you keep on supporting us.

My fellow students, it is evident that all the great people we see among us today committed long hours of hard work and sacrifice, giving proof to Long Fellow's statement that:

The heights by which great men reached and kept

were not attained by sudden flight;

But they, while their companions slept,

were toiling upwards in the night

It is in this light that i want us all to put our schoulders to the wheel. For this is the way to success.

Colleagues, please join me with a resounding round of applause to appreciate all the efforts of our stakeholders.

Finally, Mr. Chairman, the road to success, they say, is dotted with many parking places, and as we would not want to park anywhere along the road, we do hereby promise you all that your investment in us will never go down the drain.

Thank You.

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