“If you want to preserve knowledge and let it stand the test of time, entrust it to the children”

This old African proverb formed the beginning of the HIPS Charity Organisation.
Mrs Helene J├Ąger and Mrs. Brigitte Honsel both living in Switzerland decided to make a difference. The idea of getting personally involved and contribute to the development of children in Africa attracted both individuals. With the idea that educational assistance is particularly important in areas outside the major cities they decided to initiate a kindergarten in Weija Ghana in 1998.

HIPS Charity Organisation is a NGO (Non- Governmental Organisation) Registered under the Ministry of Manpower, Youth and Employment, Department of Social Welfare, Government of Ghana under registration number D.S.W./1669.

HIPS is registered to operate as an "A" Class Educational Institute under the Education Act of 1961 at the Ghana Education Service under reference number PRS/GAR/GWMA/289.

Our slogan “Knowledge is Power” has driven our organisation since 1998.
Today HIPS educates over 200 students from Kindergarten till Junior High School.

We at HIPS feel that the most successful way to work on the positive development of a country especially to one located in emerging markets is to do whatever can be done to better the education of the children.

To the children, who are the real futures of any country in the world, better education leads to much better chances for all of those who received it. Good education allows them to work at their own initiative with greater success on the future development of their own and secondly on the positive development of the country and the area which they are born and live in.

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